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12 Pack (6 x 2 Packs) Gator Grips Rope Ratchet 8' X 3/8"

  • 3/8" rope ratchet for tie-down or hoisting
  • 200 Lb Hoist Capacity
  • 400 Lb Max Tiedown Capacity
  • 350 Lb Safe Working Load Capacity

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 Across Canada!
Our Ratchet Is A Unique Compact Ratchet System That Lets You Secure A Wide Variety Of Items Quickly And Easily. Our Ratchet May Be Tightened As Needed Without Stretching Or Tying Knots. Simply Hook Ends and Pull Tight. It's That Easy! Easy To Use - Attach Hook To One End Of Rope By Feeding Through Small Loop And Securely Knotting Rope. Feed Tree End Of Rope Through Ratchet. Pushing the Thumb Release Up Makes This Easier. Rotate Wheel Until Rope Exits From Ratchet Bottom As Shown. Uses Include: Hoisting Securing Transporting Motorcycles Bikes Jet Skis Cover Truck Van Car Top/Trunk Loads Tents Shelters Tarps Camping Boats Boat Covers Home Lawn And Garden Farm Maintenance Construction Recreation