10 Inch Oval Enamel Cast Iron Griddle


  • The surface of cast- iron which conducts the temperature uniformly in the whole utensil that makes every bite taste delicious.
  • Stick-Resistant gets better after every cook.
  • Heat retention enhances the grilling experience.
  • Allows Low-Fat cooking Ribs on the grilled pan to ensure that your food does not sit on grease, therefore reducing fat consumption.
  • Professional Grill marks.
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Made of cast iron material.

Ready to give those grilled vegetables and meats that appetizing sizzle.

Wood base providing a safe placing for the heated platter.

The removable gripper allows for easy manageability when working with the cast iron platter.

  • Material: Heavyweight cast iron.
  • Pre-seasoned /ready to use.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Easy to clean surface Stovetop safe.
  • Superior heat retention & heat distribution.
  • Oven Safe 500 deg F or 260 deg c.

5 tips for keeping your cast iron pan in the shape

Season it. To season your pan, heat it up until smoking hot, then rub on a little oil and let it cool. Repeat a few times.
Clean it. Clean it after each use by washing it with warm, soapy water. Remove any sticky bits.
Re-season it. After rinsing, place the skillet over a burner set to high heat. When most of the water has dried out, add half teaspoon of a neutral oil – vegetable oil, canola, shortening – and rub it around with a paper towel. Continue heating until it just starts to smoke. Give it one more rub. Done.
Fry and Sear. To maintain the seasoning keep using the pan. The more you fry or sear, the better the seasoning becomes.
No water, please. Water is the enemy of iron. If any rusty spot appears, a little scrubbing and reasoning it will solve the problem. Before storage, it’s a good idea to coat the pan with a tiny amount of oil.


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