MK-150A1 Recurve Crossbow 150lbs


  •  34″ in Length / Auto Safety when Cocking
  • Arrows Go 210 Fps @ 110 Yards with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Regular Crossbow Draw Weight 150 Lbs with 1 Fiberglass Bow
  • 2 Aluminum Arrows! 50 Draw Weight
  • Rail Type: 11 Mm Dovetail
  • Fiberglass Limb
  • Aluminium Barrel
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This is a very powerful compound crossbow with 150 lbs draw weight for the experienced crossbow shooter. This crossbow shoots arrows much faster and more powerful than a regular crossbow. The crossbow has a nicely finished strong black plastic stock with wood making it comfortable and stable to shoot the Man Kung crossbow. The crossbow has a solid aluminum crossbow arrow guide, and a trigger mechanism. The bow limbs are made of strong pressed Hi-Tech glassfibre. Features: Field use only. Not a toy! If you want additional accessories you can just buy them!!! Safety mechanism Auto safety when cocking Arrows go 210 FPS @ 110 yards with pinpoint accuracy Regular crossbow draw weight 150 LBS with 1 Fiberglass bow 2 aluminum arrows! This is a high power crossbow intended to be used by those who are 18 or older! 50 Draw weight 5.61lb Weight 210 FPS 34″ Length 11″ Power stroke 26″ Width 16″ (Ø9mm) Alum. bolt recommended Fiberglass limb Aluminum barrel Used for Hunting, Shooting Practice, Home Protection, Fun, Camping

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