35″Grabber Reacher Tool, 10” Wide Jaw, Strong Grip Reacher Grabber


  • EXTRA LONG, EASILY EXTEND YOUR REACH: Adding 35” to your reach, the reacher grabber with suction cup allows you to grasp items beyond your reach, easily reach items stored on high shelves, dropped behind furniture or other tight places, and items on the ground without stretching or bending.
  • WELL MADE FOR ROADSIDE CLEANUP: Rubber cup grippers provide a secure grip on any item, including smooth or slippery objects, laundry grabber, without damaging the surface
  • NEW SAFETY LOCKING FEATURE: This trash picker grabber can lock or unlock to release. Great locking grabber reacher tool for janitorial ,maintenance, hospital , educational facilities, and for those with limited dexterity, arthritis, carpal tunnel, or those recovering from surgery or injury
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Constructed with strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction, the pick up tool is suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Lightweight design makes it great for homeowners and seniors as well
  • ERGONOMIC TRIGGER HANDLE, LOCKING MECHANISM: The comfort grip handle is ergonomically designed to fit easily in either hand for versatility and also includes a hanger for convenient storage when the trash pick up is not in use


Prograde 35” Heavy duty grabber reacher tool, grabber arm, Arm extender or helping hand is a handheld mechanical tool used to increase the range of a person’s reach when grabbing objects. It has applications in waste management assistive technology, gardening, indoor and outdoor work. It is chiefly used to pick items up off the ground, grab items from shelves and also pick up trash in the yard. Standard Equipment For Sanitation Workers, Homeowners, Cleanup teams, Gardeners, Livestock Handlers, Grounds Maintenance Crews and Hospital cleaning Personal. New Ergonomic Handle Design Reduces Hand and Finger Stress.

Strong Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction. Heavy Duty Rubber Cup Grippers, New Safety Locking feature. This pick up grabber reaching tool makes a great gift for Senior. Aluminum alloy tube with ergonomic handle with safety lock Non-slip rubber jaw to ensure a secure hold.  High quality nylon plastic components reaching tool, pick up.

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