4 Pc per Set Reusable Shopping Cart Eco Bags


  • Get Rid Of Plastic Bags For Good! Reusable, eco-friendly set of 4 Shopping cart trolley bags offers instant organization, as soon as you set them in your cart. Four bags are all you need to store all of your Groceries!
  • Durable, double stitched and made with high grade materials. Designed to be used over and over and they are mac
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Lightweight compact and easy to pack away: these lightweight bags are ideal for those who are always on the move. Our cart bags fully detach and fold up as one which is easy to fit in the back of a shopping cart car closet etc it really is the perfect solution for busy grocery shoppers.

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  1. Cole Flowers

    GREAT DEAL !!!

    50.00 on amazon Prime
    20.00 here with free shipping over 100 !!

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