MICTUNING RV Water Pressure Regulator C46500 Lead-Free Brass Adjustable with Stainless Steel Gauge and Two-Tier Filter, 3/4 NH Threading


  • * [Lead-free brass material, safer and healthier] The MICTUNING water pressure reducer adopts the C46500 LEAD-FREE BRASS which is made of hot casting process technology. Each batch of regulators is tested to contain lead under the NSF lead-free requirements of 0.25%. The material lead-free brass effectively inhibit bacterial growth, which is much safer and healthier
  • * [Double layer filter & easy to use] 3/4″ NH thread, compatible with all U.S. water sources. Thick thread design, to prevent the explosion possibility. The regulator is easy to install, no additional water tape needed. It contains TWO-LAYERS inlet screened filter to help to filter some large particles like gravel, debris ect. to prevent impurity blocking, valve body damage
  • * [Stainless steel gauge housing & explosion-proof plug] Stainless steel gauge housing, have a better shock, dust and water leaking resistance than the plastic shell gauge on the market. There is an explosion-proof plug on the gauge which can prevent the excessive water pressure causing the media sprayed out from the front of the gauge to hurt somebody. This thoughtful design provides you a more secure protection. Makes you more rest assured
  • * [Removable valve spool] With removable valve spool which can be extracted out for cleaning or replacement. PLS NOTE THAT, in order to protect the sealing performance of the product, please be sure to ask a professional person and use professional tools for removing and washing. For more details, kindly pls check the user manual
  • * [Adjustable water pressure setting from 0-160PSI] Adjustable water pressure setting, simply use a screwdriver to select the desired water pressure from 0-160PSI (factory preset at 45PSI). It can better protect your water pipes, water tanks, filters, water heaters, etc., while saving water. Small size, do not take up space, available working medium: water, oil, gas. It is very suitable for RV
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Product description

MICTUNING C46500 Lead-Free Brass Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator, simple to connect to water supply, reduces water pressure and protects your filter and hose from damage.

Do you get tired of the excessive water pressure often leading to water pipe burst? Go get a water pressure regulator to solve the problem. The MICTUNING water pressure reducing valve is adopted lead-free brass material. One piece cast, to prevent water leaking possibility, more explosion-proof and durable. Mainly used to cut, distribution and change the direction of medium flow for water, oil, gas, etc. prolong its service life by fully open and fully closed. Its normal lifespan will be more than 5 years.

Convenient and easy to install and adjust. Turn clockwise to increase the water pressure, counterclockwise to reduce the water pressure. The water pressure gauge makes the water pressure display more clearly, adjust the pressure more intuitive and convenient.

Material: C46500 Lead-free Brass
Applicable medium: water, gas, oil
Nominal diameter: DN20
Pressure environment: Ordinary Pressure
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ≤ t ≤ 120 ℃
Direction of flow: One Way
Drive: Manual
Thread: 3/4″ NH thread
Maximum psi: 160 psi

Package included:
1 x water pressure regulator
1 x user manual

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