Miners Moss Sluice Box Matting Mining Equipment for Gold Prospecting, Unbacked 10mm, 12 x 36 inch, Green


  • TRIED AND TRUE: Miners Moss Sluice Box Matting is the Preferred of Gold Prospectors in their Sluice Box, Dredges and High Banker Gold Panning Operations
  • THOUSAND OF GOLD TRAPS: Throughout the Entire Length of the Woven Vinyl Miners Moss are Thousands of Gold Traps Increasing the Efficiency in your Gold Panning Recovery Efforts
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Can Be Cut Down to Size as Needed | Available in 3 Size and Color Options
  • MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Miners Moss is un-backed, Extruded Woven Vinyl Mesh Arranged in a random Loop Pattern, Sometimes Referred to as Noodle Loop or Spaghetti Cushion Gold Prospecting Matting
  • WASH, RINSE, REUSE, REPEAT: The Clean up Process has Never Been Easier. Made to be Durable and Ever Lasting the Klondike Gold Supplies Outdoor Miners Moss Sluice Box Matting is Designed to be Reused. Simply Hose Down and Shake Out the Matting, its that Simple
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Catch more gold with this woven vinyl miners moss in your sluice box from Klondike Gold Supplies outdoor.

Using Klondike Gold Supplies outdoor miners moss over your ribbed carpet makes your gold panning recovery efforts simple, easy, and effortless; this sluice box matting has proven to maximize the amount of gold trapped that is washed through your sluice box or dredging operation. With the Klondike Gold Supplies outdoor sluice box miners moss you’ll surely increase your gold prospecting recovery efforts.

This miners moss sluice box matting is an un-backed, extruded woven vinyl mesh arranged in a random loop pattern, sometimes referred to as noodle loop or spaghetti cushion gold prospecting matting. It is widely considered the best material for trapping gold flake and gold nuggets while allowing unwanted sediment to washout. The woven vinyl loop material contains thousands of gold traps throughout the entire length of the miners moss. Gold nuggets, pickers and even some finer gold will simply get stuck in the material. Once your pay dirt material is run through, simply washout the miners moss over a gold pan or 5 gallon bucket. This essential gold panning tool will surely increase your gold prospecting recovery efforts.

Each roll of Klondike Gold Supplies outdoor gold prospecting miners moss is 10mm thick, which will fit most standard sluice boxes, and comes in 3 size and color options. You can even cut it down to size if need be, as it can be cut easily in any direction, across the grain or lengthwise, giving it a universal fit for whichever sluice box you may be using.

To clean Klondike Gold Supplies outdoor gold prospecting miners moss matting, simply shake out or hose off, and reuse.

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