MK-XB27GODC Hound Crossbow Package 255fps


  • Draw weight: 175 lbs (with the cocking string approximately 88 lbs)
  • Velocity: 255 fps (78 m/s)
  • Accuracy: Up to 60 meters
  • Weight: 2368 grams
  • Length: 78.0 cm
  • Width: 66.0 cm
  • Upper rail type: 20mm Picatinny
  • Lower rail type: 20mm Picatinny
  • Material: Fiberglass limb, Aluminum barrel
  • Included Accessories: Red dot sight, Sling, Quiver, Cocking string, Stringer
  • Included Bolts: 2 – 16-inch aluminum crossbow bolts
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The MK-XB27GODC  Recurve Crossbow boasts a draw weight of 175 lbs. This higher draw weight enables it to achieve significantly faster speeds compared to the 150 lbs crossbows from the MK-150 series. Notably, it features a Picatinny rail beneath the barrel, allowing for versatile accessory attachment such as bipods, lasers, or lights. The front grip is affixed to this rail, enhancing its maneuverability.

Standard equipment includes an adjustable iron sight on the top rail, with the option to mount the provided red dot sight. Additionally, the stock is adjustable for personalized comfort. A cocking string is included to assist with drawing the crossbow, reducing the draw weight by approximately half. This feature distinguishes it from the MK-150 series models, as they lack compatibility with a cocking string.

Completing the package are the included sling, quiver, stringer, and bolts, providing all necessary components for immediate use. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an automatic safety mechanism to prevent accidents.


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