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  • The Neato D8 has 100 minutes of runtime and can cover up to 750 square feet on a single charge, but if your robot needs more time, there’s Quick Boost. Your robot determines how much power it needs to finish the job, charges up to that amount, and then goes back to cleaning from where it left off. Neato works smarter so your floors get cleaned faster..Runtime : 100 minutes
  • Neato’s D-shape design reaches dirt where round robots can’t—in corners and along walls with its LaserSmart LIDAR technology, the same technology used in self-driving vehicles. It maps and navigates your home with precision, leaving your carpets with satisfying straight vacuum lines and floors free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Keep Up With the Dust With Neato Intelligence, Power, and Design. The intelligence of Neato LaserSmart smart map navigation with LiDAR, powerful vacuum system, and D-Shape design ensures every inch of your home is vacuumed completely.
  • Clean with a Spiral Combo Brush that’s up to 70 percent bigger than those round robots. It’s effective on any surface—hardwood, carpet or tile—so it’s great for any home. Neato’s large dirt bin at 0.7 liters means less frequent emptying.
  • Control your robot remotely through the MyNeato app. Schedule cleaning with Routines and create virtual Zones and No-Go Zones to define areas to clean more frequently, and areas to avoid (like a child’s play area or pet food bowls).
  • For those extra tough areas, just shift into Turbo mode for a deep, thorough clean with extra pickup. It increases suction and speeds up the Spiral Combo Brush, getting into every last crack and crevice—Neato D8 offers 20 percent greater dirt pickup than D5 (tested in internal labs).
  • You can customize your clean with Multi-Zone Cleaning. Select up to 16 areas and choose the cleaning modes that are best suited for every room’s needs based on the floor surface type and room usage. Create your cleaning schedule right from the palm of your hand with the MyNeato App.
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Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum:

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Smarter navigation

Neato LaserSmart technology with LIDAR completely maps, navigates, and vacuums your home, even in the dark. Neato D8 respects your privacy with no cameras or mics on board. It doesn’t record you or your family.

Cover more surface area in less time

Neato D8 vacuums up to 750 square feet (100 min.) on a single charge, and has Quick Boost recharge to intelligently charge up just enough to finish bigger jobs.

Personalize your cleaning routine to fit your lifestyle

Create cleaning Zones and No-Go Zones easily with the MyNeato app. Customize your floorplan with Zones that define areas to clean more frequently—or No-Go Zones to identify areas to avoid (like a child’s play area or pet food bowls).

Control with your voice

Keeping your home clean just got easier and smarter with MyNeato voice controls using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice technology for added convenience for Neato’s Intelligent Robot Vacuums.

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Why D-Shape robot vacuums are better

With a D-shape design and main vacuum brush that is up to 70% wider than brushes found on round robots. Neato intelligent robot vacuum cleans closer to walls and deeper into corners for a more thorough clean. The Neato XL dirt bin conveniently holds multiple days of Dirt, Dust and Dander.

A deep clean

The Neato D8 features 20% greater dirt pick up than prior models. This means a more effective clean and maximum pickup.

Turbo Mode: deep clean, ideal for most carpeted areas. Eco Mode: longest runtime, ideal for hard floors. *Tested in internal labs to the Neato D5 dirt pickup.

Spiral Combo Multi-Surface Brush

Excels at Dust, Dirt and Dander pickup on all floor types, including hardwood, carpet and tile— so it’s great for any home.

Extra wide brush, up to 70% wider than round robot vacuums.

Trap allergens

The large Neato High-Performance filter captures up to 99% of allergens and fine dust particles.

The pleated design allows for greater filtering surface area without sacrificing vacuum suction.

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