Shipping Container Bolt-On Lock Box


  • Universal fit.
  • Heavy duty steel. Higher Level Security. Designed to use 80-84mm shutter style rectangular Padlock#99166
  • Fits insulated and uninsulated sea cans.
  • Hardware included


The main purpose of the lock box is to hide and protect your pad lock so it cannot be torched off or cut with bolt cutters. Our new Low-profile design reduces surface area so whole box cannot be knocked off your container with a sledge hammer. If your container is already in location and no welding equipment is available our Bolt-On style lock box is the one for you! The holes in the bolt on lock box and guard plate are predrilled and the hasp has been factory welded to the guard plate. Back plate is also contoured to fit flush to the doors. Bolts and nuts are included and installs in minutes with common tools.

Additional information

Weight6.5 kg


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