Ventura 2-3 Season Sleeping Bag


  • The Ventura is crafted using a variety of materials to make your sleep better. Beginning with the exterior, a 210T Polyester shell was chosen to embrace and repel the elements. This strong, lightweight and water resistant textile keeps dirt out and heat in.
  • The inner lining is made from an ultra soft material called pongee – a mix of silk and cotton. This luxuriously comforting layer will make getting out of bed just a little bit harder! Between these layers is enough hollow cotton to keep you happy in temperatures of 0C / 32F or warmer.
  • We chose hollow cotton due to its ability to retain heat and reduce weight. Much like duck or goose down, the space between the cotton fibers traps heat to keep you warm, great for all your spring, summer and fall adventures.
  • Please note: All campers experience and interact with temperatures differently. A 0C / 32F bag will feel warm to some, and cool to others. Depending on your body type, outdoors conditions (damp, dry, elevation, etc) and other contributing factors, you may find the temperature rating of our sleeping bag(s) vary depending on your location and use. To be safe, we recommend packing/sleeping in layers and choosing a sleeping bag with a rating colder than your expected conditions.
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Designed by outdoor enthusiasts, the Ventura 3 season sleeping bag was crafted to keep you camping well into the off season. This full length sleeping bag with hood is perfect for car campers who won’t notice the 5 lbs of weight, but will instead, enjoy the warmth and comfort of a hollow cotton sleeping bag that’s priced right. To further extend the seasonal range of this sleeping bag, consider adding the FE Active Vernon Fleece Liner to the mix for an added layer of warmth and comfort.

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