Zip Ties 6″ (400 Pack), 40lb Strength Black Nylon Cable Wire Ties with Stainless Steel Lock


  • Tensile Strength 40lbs 6/6 High Performance Nylon with Stainless Steel Lock/Barb
  • ENDLESS USES FOR YOUR NEW TIES: Your new zip ties can be used for many things like: ●Gardening ●To fly flags ●Organizing electrical wires and PC laptop cords ●Securing bike accessories ●Creating emergency restraints ●Attaching things to your gear like a flashlight ●Holding compressed clothing in place for tight spaces ●Securing suit case zippers during trips ●Creating a grab handle on bags and pouches ●Securing Bandages to add pressure to cut or wound.
  • EVEN MORE WAYS: Consider using your cable ties to: ●Add tread to tires ●Secure your fire extinguisher ●Hold a splint together ●Tie tarp to trees when camping ●Repair broken straps ●Tie up clothing to keep bugs out while camping ●Hang things to a line ●Repair fencing doors + sheds until you can do a permanent fix ●repair equipment like a lawnmower, hose etc. ●Mark trail while hiking
  • Designed with rounded edges to provide easy handling and prevent snagging in tight spaces
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