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Unissued Military Grade M19A1/.30 CAL Steel Ammo Box/Can

  • Waterproof Seal
  • Steel Construction
  • 11" X 3 - 13/16" X 7 - 1/4"
  • Quality Rubber Seal Makes Ammo Box Water Tight
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30 caliber ammo can. Brand new and never issued. This 30 Cal ammo can gets the job done in style. Manufactured to US Dept. of Defense Specifications the M19A1 was introduced to replace the M1A1 made famous during World War II. Originally the M19A1 ammunition can was created to deliver 30-06 ammo for .30 Cal Browning Machine Guns. It would later be used to deliver 7.62x51 ammo used in the M60 machine gun. The rubber seal on the lid makes this can great for keeping your ammo dry as well as storage of any other important items you may want to protect from dust and moisture. Dimensions: 7.25"H x 10.75"L x 3.75"W
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