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  • DESIGN: The Zuma sand free beach bag is designed as the ultimate beach bag and camping bag for its sandproof and waterproof bag features. The neutral design of this sand bag is an excellent mens and women’s mesh bag to hold all your beach gear. Durable mesh tote bag works great as a pool bag to hold multiple pool toys. The comfortable hand bag strap can also be adjusted to be a shoulder bag. Keep your car clean by making your next trip to the beach, lake or hiking adventure sandless and dirtless
  • CONSTRUCTION: Made of eco-friendly PVC, this sand-free tote bag has a heavy duty mesh net bottom that filters sand from beach blankets, dirt from a tent rug or particles from an outdoor mat. Includes two exterior mesh pockets that can store your keys, gadgets and essentials. The top has a widened zipper entry that makes getting your compact beach chair or camping chair, camping blanket or beach blanket easy to get in. Great boat bag for snorkeling or scuba diving for wetsuit and dive equipment
  • DIMENSIONS: This sandfree travel bag is 24 in by 20 in by 8 in or 61cm by 51cm by 20.3cm for an approximation of 50 liters. The extra large bag has plenty of storage space and can be used to put your sand toys in, beach towel, picnic blanket, beach accessories, beach games and other supplies. It weighs 1.6 pounds or 750 grams making this light beach tote one of the best beach bags for women and men to use. Pairs great with our cooler bag, beach chair, canopy, camping table and sand free blanket
  • FEATURES: This oversized mesh beach bag features durable textiles that can fold into small, compact dimensions which allow it to be packable in a suitcase for vacation and cruises. Holds up well in any conditions and can be left outside as outdoor storage. It includes a fabric lined handle for carrying comfort. All parts of the large tote bag are waterproof and is a perfect swim bag to put wet, dripping bathing suits, wetsuit, snorkeling equipment and beach dress after a day at the beach or pool
  • USES: Great christmas and birthday gift for those that love the beach, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, trekking, rafting, backpacking and hiking. Doubles well to keep all your dog accessories and toys in. Great for the boat and pool. Use as a sport bag to put all your dirty equipment in. After a long camp trip, campers love it as a durable option to hold their tent, air mattress, outdoor blanket and camping mat. Also a great option as a picnic bag to bring to the park or mountains
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The Zuma Beach Tote Bag
The Zuma Beach Tote Bag
The Zuma Beach Tote Bag
The Zuma Beach Tote Bag
The Zuma Beach Tote Bag
The Zuma Beach Tote Bag

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