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  • DESIGN: Two tone waterproof PVC. Buckled back to hold tackle box, fly fishing gear, yoga mat, camping supplies and outdoors survival kits. Use a carabiner on the straps to increase utility to hold climbing shoes or a wet bathing suit. Roll top waterproof design makes for great extra large safe storage for gadgets like cell phone case, camera equipment, clothes, top gear, gifts and money. Chest strap keeps pack securely on while on a motorcycle, bike, sea doo, jet ski, and snorkeling


  • CONSTRUCTION: Dry bag made of thick marine grade Vinyl Tarpaulin built to withstand extreme outdoor activities. A must have for your emergency kit. Constructed as a perfect dive bag where conditions are very wet. This 25L dry bag backpack includes padded shoulder straps with mesh lining for better air flow as well as a built-in padded support for your back for greater comfort. This laptop bag is a waterproof bag that is an ideal backpack for women and travel bag backpack for men


  • DIMENSIONS: Travel with all your gear as this spacious 25 liter professional waterproof backpack can accommodate both men and women. Heavy Duty and light at 2 pounds. IPX7 rating which makes this submersible and ideal for scuba diving. Rain and snow are no match for this dry bag. Also doubles as a great beach bag, camera bag, hiking backpack, fishing backpack, survival gear, camera backpack, camping backpack, computer bag, school backpack for laptop accessories and college supplies for students


  • FEATURES: Built in compartment to store essentials and accessories like a computer, notebook and smaller items like a passport and unique important items. Side mesh netting to hold flask, hydration water bottle, trekking cargo, and small athletic sports things. Rolltop water proof feature make this a great rucksack for swimming, the paddle board SUP, beach, kayak, surfing, and keeping laundry dry. Perfect for your cruise vacation. Foldable, compact and lightweight and it fits inside your luggage


  • USES: Great christmas and birthday gift for those that love hiking, camping, boating, hunting, climbing, trekking, rafting, canoeing, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding. Better than other thin dry bags because it can also be used to keep your dog accessories dry, great daypack for the gym or even a diaper bag. Can be used as a cooler if need be to keep your drinks cold, just throw some ice packs in. Bring on the airplane as a carry on bag or use it as a work bag if you commute by bicycle


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Product Description

FE Active – High-Quality Dry Bags and Outdoor Gear

FE Active is known for making the highest quality dry bags and outdoor products in the market today. We stand behind the workmanship and design of our products and are happy to offer:

  • OUR PRODUCTS: We have designed each product with the customer in mind.. You can expect us to back you for all your outdoor adventure needs.
  • RESPONSE TIME: You should never have to wait more than a few hours for a response. Our top priority is our customers.
  • SAFER INNOVATION: Vinyl is an essential part of the dry bag construction. Research has begun to show that treating agents to the vinyl are potentially hazardous to our planet. Subsequently, we have reduced our use of those identifying agents to under .1% and replaced them with safer alternative materials. We are always looking for safer ways to manufacture better products. If you would like to share research or studies, we are all ears. Your feedback is critical in our goal to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining high-standards for high-quality products.
  • THE JOURNEY FORWARD: The core foundation of FE Active is our charity organization, The Journey Forward. Our aim is to donate product to both local and international developing communities to inspire outdoor activity as well as the attendance and encouragement of education in school.
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FE Active – 25 Liter Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

FE Active’s 25-liter dry backpack is the perfect bag to bring your delicate electronics and personal items to your adventurous outdoor activities. The Ansedonia dry utility backpack has a padded laptop compartment and its dimensions when fully packed are of 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide. This spacious dry backpack permits maximum capacity and comfortability.

The design of FE Active’s backpack makes it perfect for the everyday use at school or office, as well as making it the perfect pack for any sport or outdoor activity while protecting your belonging from getting wet.

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Padded Laptop Inner Compartment and Inner Zippered Pocket

  • The Ansedonia Dry Laptop Backpack has been designed with an inner padded compartment to store a laptop up to 15 inches. This compartment not only protects your computer but separates it from other items stored in your backpack for quick access.
  • The Ansedonia dry backpack has been designed with a zippered inner pocket to store quick-grab items such as cell phones, keys, and wallets. Its 7-inch pocket facilitates access to personal items when traveling, camping hiking, trekking, kayaking, attending to school, or at the office.
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Lateral Side Mesh Net Pockets and Oversized Buckle

  • The FE Active dry backpack has two lateral secured mesh nets to store quick-grab items or to store water bottles up to 18 ounces. The purpose of this design is to make The Ansedonia dry backpack the perfect companion for activities such as camping, hiking, surfing, trekking, traveling, paddleboarding or fishing.
  • The Ansedonia dry backpack has dual oversized buckles in the front to strap any extra gear needed for the activities of your choice such as yoga mats, skateboards, beach towels, wetsuits or any camping gear.
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Back Support and Padded Shoulder Straps

The Ansedonia dry backpack has been constructed with a breathable breathable mesh lining to increase airflow. Its padded back and shoulder straps add comfort and support in critical areas that have the most contact with weight on your back. An additional chest strap is included to provide further weight distribution and to secure the pack during intense adventures.

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Heavy Duty and Waterproof Materials

FE Active products are designed with top of the line materials that offer durability, comfort, and high-performance. The Ansedonia is constructed with a 300D (D stands for denier) PVC polyester that is carefully treated to make it more ecologically minded. To assure maximum protection against water entry, all parts were welded shut by our FE Active refined and binding technology.

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