MK-180AC 130lb Crossbow – Foldable Limb – Autumn Camo


  • Outstanding Performance!
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Powerful / Portable
  • Complete Length: 31″
  • Draw Weight 120
  • Fiberglass Bow
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Safety Mechanism
  • Auto Safety when Cocking
  • Comfortable to Grip and Hold
  • 2 Aluminum Arrows Included
  • Arrows Travel at A Speed of 165+ Fps for Up to 60 Yards with Pinpoint Accuracy
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The MK-180 is a very powerful compound crossbow for the experienced crossbow shooter. This crossbow shoots arrows much faster and more powerful than a regular crossbow. The crossbow is a nicely finishes making it comfortable and stable to shoot the Man Kung crossbow. The crossbow has a solid aluminum crossbow arrow guide, and a trigger mechanism. The bow limbs are made of strong pressed Hi-Tech glassfibre. Features: outstanding performance! Pinpoint accuracy Powerful / portable Complete length: 31″ Fiberglass bow Adjustable sights Safety mechanism Auto safety when cocking Comfortable to grip and hold 2 aluminum arrows included Arrows travel at a speed of 165+ fps for up to 60 yards with pinpoint accuracy


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