Zapplight ZAP404 Zapplight-Dual LED Lightbulb and Bug Light Zapper Pack of 4


  • Free of chemicals, fumes, odors, or toxins
  • Safe and effective both indoors and outdoors
  • Works as a lightbulb for normal use, and as a bug zapper when activated
  • Lasts for 40000 hours with normal usage
  • Easy to clean
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The 2 in 1 zapplight is a safe chemical-free easy to clean product which allows you to enjoy your home insect free while providing you with energy efficient adaptable lighting for your home. The LED light illuminates your home while the blue UV lights attracts flying insects into the bug-zapping grid zapping them in a Second. Zapplight brings you the ultimate solution to protect you and your loved ones from those pesky insects! how to use: step 1-screw zapplight bulb in to any standard 110V socket step 2, click the light switch on and both the light and zapper will turn on step 3, to enable only the zapping feature, click the light switch on, then off and on again. The zapping feature is on when you see the blue LED light.

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