Short Soaker Hose 16 Ft for Garden Beds, 1/2’’ Diameter Garden Hoses, 70% Water Saving Drip Hose Irrigation for Lawn, Landscaping, Garden


  • DIY Your Garden Watering System – The short soaker hose could be used for a tree or small garden beds for most of house yard. A
  • Upgrade Material for More Durable – People always worry about the hose broken when they are watering their plant. Because if it happens, a lot of water will be wasted and your garden would get muddy at the same time. So, our soaker hose adopted a new upgrade material. It’s not only come with better soaking performance, but also become more durable compared to traditional round soaker hose.
  • Higher Efficiency with Less Water – Use less water to keep your plants growing and healthy, targeting only the base of your plants. A soaker hose delivers water directly to the root zone of a plant where it seeps slowly into the soil one by one drop. Soaker hoses’ slow, steady drip ensures that almost no water is lost to surface runoff or evaporation — all of the water goes to your plants. It also means very few nutrients leach down beyond the reach of plant roots.
  • More Widely Application – The soaker hose could be used for your vegetable beds by cutting into several short hose and connect them again with different hose couplings. Every rows of the garden beds could get enough moisture by the drip hose irrigation system. With the “T” couplings, the hose could be made a circle shape for a tree or shrubs. Therefore, the soaker hose are suitable for widely usage according to your rich imagination.
  • Save Time for Busy Gardeners – Drip irrigation systems eliminate the need to drag around hoses and sprinklers. You place your soaker hoses once, and leave them be. For drip irrigation systems that if you use a timer, gardeners need only spend a few seconds to turn the system on; the timer automatically turns it off. Plants watered with soaker hoses grow more quickly and are more productive.
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Product description

How It Works
Efficient watering is a prime consideration for any homeowner who likes to garden. A soaker hose allows water to seep through the hose along its entire length. This is a very efficient way to direct water to the root system of your plants.

Application for Garden Beds
Soaker hoses are great for row crops such as carrots and beans vegetable beds. They also can be used for a tree.

The Benefits of Garden Soaker Hoses
This type of hose will always deliver maximum efficiency when it comes to watering your garden.
All the water delivered by a soaker hose goes right to the area near the root system of your plants.
Save a lot of time for busy gardener. Once you have placed a soaker hose in your garden, you only need to turn it on for a certain period of time to achieve the results you desire.

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16 FT Soaker Hose

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